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Established in 1988 Airesales Scotland Ltd are independent specialist distributors supplying high quality HVAC products to the Building Services Industry via Mechanical Engineering Consultants, Architects, Contractors and End Users. Based in Glasgow their experienced engineers are able to supply technical support to all of our products and can assist with Technical selections and specifications to ensure you and your customers have the perfectly controlled environment for their particular application.

With over 30 years’ experience supplying temperature control equipment to Hospitals, Data Centres, Computer Rooms, Clean Rooms, Electronic Industries and Swimming Pools, we can offer complete environmental solutions to these demanding industry sectors.

Airesales Scotland Ltd have managed by constantly responding to the industry and customer needs in an ever changing market, offering Carbon Reduction Solutions through providing high quality innovated products along with long term support and customer service. Along with our quality product range we can offer comprehensive maintenance cover for all our products via the equipment manufacturer along with a spare parts service to maintain the equipment operation.

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