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Airesales HVAC Solutions

Since 1988 Airesales Scotland Ltd have been at the forefront of chiller, air handling unit, and precision air conditioning solutions.

With over 30years experience in working in critical sectors such as pharmaceuticals, data centres, health care, and education we can provide the complete HVAC solutions for your application.

We pride ourselves on the high quality, sustainable products, we supply via our premium market leading supply partners.

Our ethos since our company was founded is to provide our clients with highly efficient, sustainable, low carbon HVAC products that are backed from initial design consultation to installation, after-sales support, service & maintenance programmes, training, and seminars.

Airesales Scotland’s portfolio of products helps ensure that you can have the highest quality, most efficient system on the market.

Airesales Scotland Limited

Based in Glasgow their experienced engineers are able to supply technical support to all of our products and can assist with Technical selections and specifications to ensure you and your customers have the perfectly controlled environment for their particular application.


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