Menerga has developed and produced innovative swimming pool ventilation and air conditioning systems for extensive fields of application since 1980. We can safely claim that our technology is the leader throughout these areas, and that we set the benchmark for efficiency and effectiveness.

Our philosophy – “Creating a good indoor climate – through Minimal ENERGy Application” – is our guideline, in which we have succeeded every single day since the company was founded. We are proud that Menerga from its very beginning was one of the first companies to focus on energy efficiency. And, on the basis of this orientation, we have created many efficient solutions, if sometimes along somewhat unconventional paths.

Proud to be "made in Germany."

Since our founding, our development and manufacturing has been located in Mülheim an der Ruhr, a location traditionally closely associated with water and climate. At three sites our Mülheim team of about 400 sets every day the standard for perfect climate technology. They are accompanied by a team of over 300 sales and service employees in Germany and all over Europe. Our team is constantly expanding as we work rigorously to develop our concepts and units. The demand for environmentally-friendly, resource-saving air conditioning is increasing at an extremely high pace; meeting the challenge inherent in this demand is our motivation and as well our confirmation. We create and build the best and most energy efficient solutions, because we can!

Get to know a remarkable company. Join us in creating a good indoor climate – we look forward to it!

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